PCGS Centennial Celebration Special Edition Souvenir and Gift

注意事项 Attention

This is an online donation platform for PCGS to celebarate its 100 years anniversary. Please support and donate generously to PCGS when you donate online for souvenirs and gifts. Giving is receiving.

Please tally the total donation amount (include items selected and postage) before proceed with the selection form.

Please upload the bank-in slip of donated amount for verification

若捐款中发现无汇款记录,此乐捐将被取消。 如有任何疑问可联系我们。
Please take note that selection without any proof of donation will be cancelled and void automatically.

以下周边产品可在各项百年校庆活动中以乐捐方式获得。欲知百年校庆活动详情,请关注 槟华100周年校庆脸书槟华校友会脸书
All the sourvenir and gift items listed here will also be available for donation drive at the various events leading up to the PCGS Centennial Celebration on 8 March 2020.
Do check the schedule and details of upcoming events at the PCGS Centennial Celebration Facebook and PCGS Union Facebook.

送货时段 Delivery Schedule

发运日: 星期一、三、五 (于2019年7月15日开始)
Shipments are despatched only on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Delivery (within Malaysia) shall take 7-14 working days from the date of form submission. (Shipping and delivery will commence from 15/7/2019)

邮费 Postage Fees

Domestic Postage Rates

例子 :
乐捐总数额 RM 50
+ 邮费(西马) RM 10
需汇款数额 RM 60

Goods and Shipping Computation Example:
Total Donation RM 50
+ Postage(WM) RM 10
Bank-in Total RM 60

For international shipping, please compute the total shipping weight of all items selected, and add the shipping fee quoted (country specific) at Poslaju Flexipack International (below 2kg) or Poslaju International Air Parcel. You may use the following rate tables for a quick costing reference.
Poslaju Flexipack
Poslaju Flexipack International Rates

Poslaju International Air Parcel
Poslaju International Air Parcel Rates

汇款资料 Bank-in Details

银行 Bank : 大众银行 Public Bank Berhad
户口号码 Account Number : 3-2095150-22
户口名称 Account Name : PCGS 100TH ANNIVERSARY

Please provide the following information for reference when making donation.
备注1 Ref.1 : 英文姓名 Donor's Name
备注2 Ref.2 : 联络电话 Contact number

联系 Contact

PCGS Board Secretariat
04-228 0214

PCGS Centennial Celebration (Accounts Department)
011-3535 2100 (Whatsapp)